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CVS is one of the most popular version control systems, especially in open-source community, and there are numerous web-based CVS clients which provide at least some subset of client functionalites. Among the most popular are the ViewCVS Perl script and its variants. The features of these web-based clients are, however, limited to "view" functionalities only, and if you are planning to do any development you'll have to install a desktop client program on your workstation.

The goal of this project is to implement a web application which provides full range of client functions such as checkout, update, and commit among others. In order to do this, the user's sandbox or workspace will need to be hosted somewhere in the network, which could be different from the computer where the user is working. The application will let the user manage the list of CVS repositories and the locations of the corresponding workspaces. (Despite the name of the project, we plan to make this client version-control-system-neutral eventually.)

CVS Web Client will be written in Java and it will run in any Servlet 2.3 compliant web application servers. For CVS APIs, we are considering NetBeans or Eclipse implementations at the moment.

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Main Docs

Project Status
CVSClient | Main
We are currently at the design stage of the project.
CVSClient | Www
The first draft has been staged on this site.
To-Do List
CVSClient | Main
  • Lots of things...
CVSClient | Www
  • Lots of things...
Software Requirements
General Requirements
  • Should conform to open standards.
  • Should be super light-weight.
  • Should be easily customizable/brandable.
  • Should be easily extensible/generalizable.
CVSClient Features
  • ......
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